English Coaching Institute should teach students as per their grasping power & educational background

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Today, while learning English, student have to face so many problems. There is huge difference between the education of English language & any other subject.  Learning English is very tough not only because of its complicated grammar, but so many other hidden issues are also there which are not imaginable. Let’s see all these here.


Major problem is difference between the spelling structure & its pronunciation.  It is explained exclusively in our other blog.


Second issue is different educational background of students. Some have completed 8th, some have 10th , some have 12th or graduation. Therefore more educated student understands first & less educated understand very late.


Third issues is grasping power of every students are not same. Therefore students with good grasping power understand fast against to them students with weak grasping power understand very slowly.



Next issue is some of the students have taken education from City-side or some of them from rural area. Therefore there is huge difference between quality of their education.



Last issue is parents of some students knows English well, therefore they also help to sort out their child English speaking related queries. But those student whose parents cannot support them while learning English, cannot learn fast like other students.