Speak in English on job for progress, but use local language in social life to save Indian Cultures from western lifestyle

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Today, English is official language of the world. It is so useful that it will support you in every aspect of your life, e.g. education, healthcare, career, job, research, business etc. If you have talent, English language may make you hero of the world. Therefore commanding over it is too much essentional nowadays. If you don’t know, know it first, if you want to get ahead in life or to avoid any difficulties coming to you.  But keep it limited only for official use only.  Never bring it in your social life. 


India is made of so many religions & so many cultures.  All these varied cultures are our identity. These have made this country different from rest of the world. So many religions & cultures under one roof will be found only in one country around the whole world, i.e. in India. 


Our cultures are base of our family & social life. Our work culture is also based on our cultures. Our educational & legal system is also based on our culture. In such way, our culture is our guideline as well as helpline also.


All these cultures have deep connection with their particular languages. i.e. Gujarati culture has connection with Gujarati language, Maratha culture has connection with Marathi language, etc…  Therefore we should not ignore or disconnect our languages in the name of English language. English language will help to spread western culture on this land.  English language is best of making progress in life, but equally bad for uprooting our own culture from our land.  Excessive use of English language in social or family life may spoil our culture.


In short, save our culture by not promoting English language in our social & family life.