Why so many names are given to English Grammar, e.g. Advanced Grammar, Basic Grammar, etc?

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Can anybody clarify what is Basic Grammar & what is Advance?  Where does it actually start & where does it end?  What is difference among these Basic Grammar, Advance Grammar, Comprehensive Grammar, General Grammar and so on?  Are all these types of English Grammar actually required separately to learn English in-depth?

SureEnglish says, it is unwanted extension of commonly used grammar of English language. In fact, there is no such kind of classification of grammar existed on the basis of particular topic. All these types of grammar are designed separately under different name by different authors and institutes as per their teaching method.  As per SureEnglish study on this issue, such kind of distinct names may not be existed in any other languages. In the last, all grammar lessons from these different types of grammars are matching & interconnected with one another.


Therefore, while learning English, there is no such acute need to study each type grammar separately.