Group Discussion in English may be reason for loosing self-confidence of students who are not-so-well in English

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Group Discussion in English requires every participant to speak only in English language. Those who has good educational background with good spoken English ability, can speak well, explain everything perfectly in English. But what about those who has not well educational background and have joined class for learning spoken English just three-four month before. In this short period, can such students be able to speak in English in Group Discussion?

In Group Discussion, such students only keep on listening others whatever is possible, but speak very little in English because of fear. Hardly two or three routine words or routine sentences come out of their mouth. They feel pressure while reminding different types of words, related grammar. Even though they made sentence in English, they fear about whether they have made it right or wrong?  With such fear, there is lot of chances of losing the hopes.

Such students compare themselves with those who speak in English.  By seeing them speaking in English, they keep on thinking whether they will be able to speak like this or not;   when will they be able to speak like this. 


If Group Discussion is affecting to such kind of weak students silently, is it really useful…?

Group Discussion is very dangerous for improving English Speaking Skills

SureEnglish is confirm on its stand that Group Discussion is not useful a little bit for those who want to raise their spoken English ability.  Instead of its usefulness, it looks harmful too much, mostly in India where English is not spoken on higher level.  Why Group Discussion may be harmful if it is used as Training tool of English language? What may be the reason for not recommending it as more essential for Spoken English Training?

Group Discussion always requires only those persons who can express their views easly without any mistake in speaking or misundstanding.  Just look at educational background of those who want to learn English Speaking.  Those who wish to join English Speaking Class are not educated equally.  Some of them may have done their 8-10th, some 11-12th, Some of them have done graudation, diploma or degree. Some have taken education in village, some have taken in city area. Some of them has good grasping power and some of them has no.  Such kind of variation in education level, we continuously see here in India. 

If Group Discssion is in English Language which is still unknown for most of these students, can they will be able to take part equally. Will anybody say guaranteedly that everybody taken part in group discussion will speak exactly what they want & there will be no misunderstanding what other says. 


In such way, those who have no full command over English, will continuously make mistakes while speaking & understanding other.  In such way, It is too much risky and dangerous English training system.

Group Discussion never helps to improve Spoken English Skill

As per SureEnglish, group discussion can never be part of English Speaking Course.  Without it, learning to speak in English is possible.  Has anybody perfect idea about what’s exact role does Group Discussion play to improve spoken English ability?  It is used somewhere else for different purpose. It has no little bit of connection with improvement of Spoken English Skill.


Group Discussion is mostly used to achieve something better that is still unknown by discussing on particular topic.  In this discussion, two or more than two equally well-educated, talented, experts of their field are required to share their views on particular problematic issue which is needed to be studied better. In this discussion, these problematic issues are discussed from every angle for searching some loophole to come out of these issues.  This is actual use of Group Discussion. It is not useful for Training of any language.  There is no matter in which language it should be done…