English Language Learning Course and Public Speaking Course are different from each other.

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Art of Public Speaking means what actually? It doesn’t mean to speak English fluently, but keep yourself ready to stand before crowd to give them speech impressively. Thousands of eyes are observing continuously what & how you are speaking? While you speaking before them, none of them should not get bore. You should able to keep your audience engaged in listening you for more time. You should be careful about this.

SureEnglish Says, making it a part of English Speaking Course is not logical, because purpose & requirement of both of them is different from each other.

Public Speaking requires positive attitude with no fear to speak before public. You should be ready with your impressive speech material. You should be ready with 100 words for every word. It requires good command over the language in which you are going to give speech.

English Speaking skill requires in-depth knowledge of grammar & strong vocabulary. Besides this, it needs to have strong English speaking practice in general life for boosting confidence.

Purpose of Public Speaking skill is to speak before audience on particular topic without any hesitation by engaging audience for an hour or more.

Purpose of English Speaking Course is to teach to speak in English in general life without any grammatical mistake just like all other regional languages.

Another thing, English Speaking skill is not depending on the lesson of Public Speaking skill. Against to this, Public Speaking skill is depended on good command over English Language.

Last point is to say is, those who have good skill of public speaking by birth not in English language, but in any other language, will have no need to take the lesson of public speaking separately. Such students will required only English Speaking Course to gain good command over English language.


Therefore SureEnglish says, including lesson of Public Speaking skill in English Speaking Course is really beyond imagination.