To learn English speaking, Spoken English Practice on normal level is needed more than Grammar & Vocabulary.

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

What is the actual use of Grammar & Vocabulary in any language, mostly in English? Grammar & Vocabulary are the most important aspect to learn English. Everybody knows this simply.  But will anyone tell how it is important?


SureEnglish will clarify this. With the help of grammar, every sentence can be made without any mistake. No mistake means full confident about what have been spoken, is totally perfect.  In the same way, with the help of vocabulary, unlimited sentence can be made, because vocabulary is unlimited, therefore sentences can be made unlimited.  In such way, by using Grammar & Vocabulary, unlimited sentences can be built without any mistake.



But on the basis of study over human behavior, SureEnglish says, before Grammar & Vocabulary, habit of speaking in English on normal level is needed too much, because by using Grammar & Vocabulary, unlimited sentences can be made easily theoretically on book, but not practically in general life.  Practically means speaking newly built sentences in daily life as per requirement. But without habit of speaking in English, speaking newly built English sentences practically is not so easy.  In the absence of speaking habit, human psychological condition doesn’t support to speak it easily.


On the basis of study made by SureEnglish over human psychological condition while studying English language, it became clear that human brain cannot collect required words & matching grammar to build the sentence & speak it within second just like computer, until he has no its speaking habit.



In short, those who have speaking habit of English, one sentence of four to five words can be made within second. But those who don’t have this, cannot remind all those words & speak sentence quickly. If it is so, than what is the use of knowing variety of grammar and having lot of wordpower. In real time, if it failed to come on tongue within a second, what is use of making sentence structures theoretically on book?



On the basis of above study, SureEnglish gives first priority to the speaking habit in English before giving the lessons of grammar & stock of vocabulary.