Without fluent English Speaking Exercises, learning American or British Accent directly will never be possible

Blogs of SureEnglish, Corporate English Class has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

In India, everybody has attraction of English Language. Most of the people try some of the English words or sentences just for impressing other. It is good to try like this. By this way English will be improved gradually.  But seeing the dream of speaking English just like American or British in the beginning just by joining American or British Accent Training Class will be totally stupidity. At the moment if there is no English speaking habit a little bit,  how can anyone dream like this? Those who want to speak in English like American or British people by just joining American or British Accent Class, first they should learn to speak English non-stop at local level in India.  Learning Amarican or British Accent is not heavy task, but to achieve it background of good spoken English habit is needed most. Accent is just only style of speaking, but if one don’t know what to speak & how to speak, then where will this style be applied?  Without continuous English speaking habit, no any Accent training class will be able to teach American or British accent so efficiently.