Group Discussion never helps to improve Spoken English Skill

As per SureEnglish, group discussion can never be part of English Speaking Course.  Without it, learning to speak in English is possible.  Has anybody perfect idea about what’s exact role does Group Discussion play to improve spoken English ability?  It is used somewhere else for different purpose. It has no little bit of connection with improvement of Spoken English Skill.


Group Discussion is mostly used to achieve something better that is still unknown by discussing on particular topic.  In this discussion, two or more than two equally well-educated, talented, experts of their field are required to share their views on particular problematic issue which is needed to be studied better. In this discussion, these problematic issues are discussed from every angle for searching some loophole to come out of these issues.  This is actual use of Group Discussion. It is not useful for Training of any language.  There is no matter in which language it should be done… 

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