On single time, teaching all students with different backgrounds to Speak English is nearby impossible by Group Training

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

SureEnglish has observed one thing carefully that on one single time, how can student with different educational background, different grasping power be taught under one roof.  Because in India, Everybody has some knowledge of English. Everybody get lessons of English right from 1st standard.  In a batch there are so many students having completed their10th to graduation, diploma or degree.  Graduate students will definitely have more English language knowledge than students of 10th.  In the same way, students from city side will definitely have perfect English knowledge than students of village side.  Student having good grasping power will learn fast than student with less grasping power. 


If such kind of variation among student is there in every batch, than how can such students be taught by group training.  In Group Training, those students who have good educational background, good grasping power can learn easily. But what about  those who are from village-side, have no educational background and have weak grasping power.  In group training, they may not get easily whatever taught on board or orally. Such student prefers to remain silent even if they don’t get anything because of fear that other students may laugh at him.  Like this, in group training, such weak student may go empty handed.