• SureEnglish has only one genuine intention of imparting quality education of English Language to students without diverting their mind from their current learning topic. Because of quick result from SureEnglish, students confidence of speaking in English language get boosted by its own.
  • For quality training, SureEnglish is best in all. To make career easily in today’s life, English language is required everywhere. Same like this, SureEnglish is required to learn English in less time with least efforts & confusion. Students of SureEnglish never requires to join any other English class in life.
  • Now SureEnglish is coming near you for your convinience. SureEnglish has a dream of providing training of English language to every person of every area. No any person from any location should be left from getting training.
  • Sorting out problems raised by student while training is first priority of SureEnglish. Along with this, every students get spoken English practice in class while studying for more than 1 hr. Daily. Due to this daily English speaking habit, student become ready to speak in English all the time without feeling any burden.
  • Surety or guarantee of spoken English is remained only for name. Practically it can be done only by those who have made lot of search & research about giving complete sure training of English language. Those who can only speak in English fluently, can’t teach other to speak in English.
  • Weak basic knowledge of English gives birth to so many mistakes unknowingly. If you want to learn English, learn it from basic. It is good start. Without basic, it will be hard to be ready for developing spoken English skill in short time. SureEnglish gives basic idea of spoken English & its grammar.
  • Just because of confusion making grammar, most of the people are weak in English. SureEnglish gives some relax by teaching them grammar in easy way. Because of this new way of learning method, education of English language will get new dimension.
  • SureEnglish’s Permanent English has a base of Personal Training. Without it, no one will be able to take a long jump while learning English. Because of Permanent English, most of the professionals & students could solved their career related problems for lifetime.
  • While giving education, Personal Training is best in all kind of training system. Particularly in the field of English Speaking Course, it is most needful. Because various kind of students have various kind of queries about English language which cannot be solved in group.
  • If you want to reach your destination so quickly than go by highway with the heavy speed. SureEnglish is same like this for those who want to learn English in short time.

SureEnglish, English Speaking Course, Spoken English Class, General english language training Center

This Spoken English Classes is the easy way to learn English Speaking that gives more daily English Speaking Exercises

SureEnglish is working the field of imparting quality education of English language by treating every student individually by keeping their education & family background in view. This advance english speaking course trains students by using its different & unique method of Personlised Training which enhance the quality of professional life. SureEnglish is just like Modern Guru of English Language. By applying modern technology in its training system, SureEnglish has  given the different learning experience to its students.

This advanced English Speaking Institute gives Spoken English practice to every students only in class  unlike other English Language Training Center. We give basic English conversation practice to every student on our Mobile Chat App based on Group Discussion Topics & English Conversation Topics unlike any other English Conversation Classes. We have easy English Speaking Course to study for each and everyone. SureEnglish means Instant English as well as Permanent English. SureEnglish is last destination for those who have lost their hopes in English Learning Course. SureEnglish gives Surety of English. It is really risk-free English Training Centre.

We gives the importance to communication skills development in this Daily English Conversation Course. SureEnglish is neither Personality Development Course nor Public Speaking Courses. It doesn’t conduct IELTS & TOEFL exam. We don’t teach American Accent & British accent. We don’t offer online English Learning Classes. We don’t provide English Tutor, home tutor, Private Tutor. We don’t conduct home tuition.  This English Language Institute teaches how to learn English easily & how to improve English Communication skills.

How to improve English Speaking?  How to speak English easily?

Are you facing English Speaking related problems? Do you feel scared about Pronunciation of English words?  Even though you are well-educated, you don’t know, how to write a letter? How to learn english at home from English books is big problem for you..!

You want to learn English speaking course, but don’t know about best English Language Class.  What to do in such case?

There are lot of problems to learn English grammar & English vocabulary. No one can learn to speak english fluently on the basis of English novels, English conversation lessons, group discussion tips, English learning video or other spoken english material. English Language Learning by making hindi to english translation is also pain-giving. Basic English lessons for beginners doesn’t give most essential English Speaking Practice. English Trainers of Online English Learning Course fails to explain practically. In such case, what to do to improve English. English Speaking Skills is too much important for job interview questions and answers.

Everybody search easy way to learn English at home. but it is not so easy to speak English fluently. Spoken English books & Spoken English video don’t give full support to improve english language. Online English Speaking Classes also don’t teach well to study english online. English Word Pronunciation, making simple english sentences is tough for beginnners.

English Communication skills are needed to grab job opportunities

Today, even in India, no any Indian language is used on large scale for any effective communication purpose. For effective presentation, for attending the client, for drafting Official letter, For higher education, for job interview mostly English language is used in these days. Speaking English with proper English Pronunciation and English Accent is not only needed, but English writing with proper use of English spellings is also equally important today. English Grammar Rules are considered on higher scale while reading, writing & speaking English.

Learning speaking english lessons gives lot of benefit. This foreign language gives first rank among all. All those who don’t have English Speaking skill, may got second seat after you.

For leading Successful life today, learn English Language. It become most important than any other language in India. Today English language spreading in every part of worlds. Today English Speaking is more needful than computer courses, higher education, smart phones or bike. SureEnglish, the English Training Institute will definitely fulfil your English need for getting high profile job & for academic excellence.

English language learner needs to know about how to prepare for an interview questions and answers. You need to study English Speaking books which give basic spoken English lessons for beginners. Daily English speaking exercises, free English Conversation practice with the help of English Grammar book, English Story will help you how to speak English fluently.

SureEnglish is perfect Solution fo Bright Future & Career

SureEnglish is the best way to learn English for beginners. SureEnglish, is sure remedy for most of the English speaking related problem. Learning English Speaking Conversation is made simple by SureEnglish. This is Risk-free english speaking course. To speak English, anybody can learn grammar on the basis of our easy English Speaking tips. English is taught for lifetime with the help of English Lessons given by SureEnglish.

For making future bright & building career of your choice, SureEnglish is perfect solution. Its Basic English Speaking Course in hindi language is good for interview preparation, Career Development,  Why is it easy way to speak English. Because SureEnglish trains students personally just like private tutor or personal trainer. English Speaking tips of SureEnglish are too much useful to understand article in English, English verbs, tense in English, English phrases and English vocabulary. SureEnglish gives better idea about Basic English grammar, Business English, Business letter & Formal letter writing in English. SureEnglish is today’s modern English Guru.

SureEnglish is always best than any other Objective English Classes? Because English teacher of this Business English Training Center teaches well about Presentation Skills, methods of communication, toefl speaking topics, Public Speaking, GD topics and so many related lessons. SureEnglish, Intensive English Language Program doesn’t prefer to improve english online.

Best methodology of sentence making in English

SureEnglish improves English speech based on English reading and English listening. In our Basic English Grammar Course. English grammar exercise is taken regularly.  To avoid mistake, we ask student not to study english grammar at home. With the help of our English grammar lessons, English sentence correction can be done easily by students themselves.

The teaching method of this spoken english institute is different and unique than other General English Language Center. In SureEnglish, English Learning Center. We give students Daily English conversation to make them ready to speak in English. This course is a great tool to give english speaking training more and more. All the knowledge that you’ve gained in this Spoken English Training Centre will culminate into an academic exams & in your professional life.

Language Coach of this Corporate English School knows better the actual requirement of student which is fulfilled by using our unique training method and our English Study material. Daily English grammar test is taken. We understand the importance of communication skills. Therefore we teach students to make English Sentence Structure on their own.

SureEnglish : The Quick Solution of how to learn spoken English at home

Till now, learning English is interesting but time-consuming topic. Everybody want to join English Language Learning Institute, but don’t want to spend long time for learning.  Now, forget it all, this conversational English Language Academy is quick solution for. This English Coaching Class is the last destination for sorting out all kind of English Speaking related queries.

Today, in high profile companies, there is always vacancies for talented staff with good English communication skill. Those talented speaking in English are settled with their job in big companies. But those talented who are not well in English are still working in small place. For those talented, SureEnglish is there to guide about  how to improve spoken English, how to learn english speaking, how to face interview in Job Fair, what is questions for interviewer and how to draft letter as per letter format.

This is really quick solution for today’s Hindi-Marathi speaking talented staff of small scale company

How to speak english fluently in 30 days? SureEnglish says fast English learning can not be done in 30 days. Group Discussion, Body Language, Personality Development is not best way to learn English easily in short time.  For beginners, how to talk in English, how to improve English communication skills is more important than Business English Training, Public Speaking.  We help students to develop interview skills by giving interview tips.

SureEnglish, The Best English Language Training Institute for You All…

In name of household works, children, school-class studies everybody is busy. They need to think first, if they want to do something different in their life. Looking at their busy schedule, here we teach student as fast as possible without taking their long time.  Now enjoy your life,  everying is in your favor, just because of this Spoken English Learning Centre.

This Conversational English Classes will make everybody ready to speak in English whenever & whatever you want.  English writing, English Reading & English Listening is easy like never before. Now everybody will have more Job Opportunities. Job hunting will now became easy for all of you.  Objective of our courses is only to upgrade our student with English at the end of this course. Students will find themselves relaxed while attending meetings, interview, presentations, interactions or any other business related activities.

No one can learn english fast by using variety of English Study material  including English Learning books, english novels, english learning video, English Speaking video & many more. Online english speaking classes will not give you expected result because there will be no Daily English conversation practice.

Testimonials of our well-tried & tested Course

The Spoken English skills which is requirement of every growing establishment to enhance the workablity & productivity among its staff.  Speaking English effectively is skills that can take you to greater height in every sphere of life. This Spoken English Academy make you ready with English language for communication that will help you to bring your dream into existence.

We are committed to give our students ensured results along with the healing touch of Personal Training which is newly launched by us in the sector of English Language Training Centre.  SureEnglish has proved itself by our these testimonials & reviews that it is just like a ladder for those who wish to move up & up in their life. These testimonials has shown that the SureEnglish is the rays of hopes for those who still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly & all the time struggle with this language on every steps. These testimonials is just like remedy for those who are frustrated in their life due to continuous fallure in their attempt of becoming different among all.

SureEnglish, Corporate English Training Center has become successful in its attempts of educating many Marathi/Hindi students to speak in English without any mistake. We always focus only on certain aspects like grammar, vocabulary, diction, sentence framing, fluency, presentations and email drafting.

SureEnglish’s Blog that discover root causes of weakness in English Language among Indians,

Some major Causes :  1. On single time, teaching all students with different backgrounds to Speak English is nearby impossible by Group Training.    2. Without fluent English Speaking Exercises, learning American or British Accent directly will never be possible.    3. English words with different Pronunciation from its spellings create confusions while learning English.    4. Online English Learning Course is not reliable & result-oriented just like English Training in classroom

Some Oher Causes : 1. English Coaching Institute should teach students as per their grasping power & educational background.  2. English Language Speaking Course and Public Speaking Course are different from each other.  3.  Personality Development course has no any direct connection with English Language Training Course. 4. Letter Writing tips is not imperative tool required to learn English Speaking.    5. For new beginners, English Language is very hard to read, understand than Indian languages.    6. To learn english speaking, Daily Spoken English Practice is needed more than Grammar & Vocabulary.

SureEnglish’s Blog has some special purpose of gaining attention toward root causes which keep vernacular medium students away from learning English. Just because of not-so-well training methods available now a day, success ratio of learning to speak English is very low.

Contact SureEnglish to know English better & to set pace with entire world

For getting developed by learning English practically, contact SureEnglish.  Visiting SureEnglish branch will be better for you to develop command over various aspects of spoken English in day-to-day life.  Before contacting SureEnglish, understand the requirement of Spoken English Skills from English Speaking Countries.

If you want quality and cost-effective training of English language, SureEnglish is best for you. Our students who need English Speaking are from professionals, students to housewives. Before joining SureEnglish, understand some of its key features first.  In order to make sure about this Institute & its courses, first visit our branch office personally.

Now SureEnglish is in Andheri, Bandra, Borivali, Dahisar, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Juhu, Kandivali, Khar, Malad, Santacruz, Vasai, Virar, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Kanjurmarg, Kurla, Mulund, Powai, Vidyavihar, Vikhroli, Chembur, Govandi, Mankhurd, Vashi, Belapur, Panvel, Trombay,  Sion, Byculla, Colaba, Dadar, Fort, Girgaon, Kalbadevi, Kamathipura, Matunga, Parel, Tardeo.

SureEnglish’s Franchise Opportunity in all over Mumbai

SureEnglish, the English Language Institute for those who are facing lot of problem related with English may it be of grammar or speaking in public. SureEnglish not only teach student but before teaching them know them better. By this way, it become easy to teach them.  At present, SureEnglish has started to make its expansion mostly in All Over Mumbai.

SureEnglish is Objective English Speaking Class speacialy designed by keeping student every problem in mind. Now SureEnglish is with its expansion plan in all over Mumbai, is going to be big brand of Intensive English Learning centre. SureEnglish gives the Surety of English as well as Surety of franchise Business. SureEnglish has a plus point of its unique training method which help to make a growtn rapidly. SureEnglish may be new in market. but it will be very popular & reliable brand in this sector very soon.

Today, most of the students are busy in their job, school / college / class homework, household works. Keeping this point, SureEnglish don’t make more busy by giving them any kind of homeworks. Like this, This Spoken English Course is full-pack with many students-friendly features. SureEnglish, General English Institute converts Hindi medium student direct into English-speaker without giving more burdon on students. This is our major speacility.


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Sentence formation Practice only in Class

To reduce mistake while making sentences, all sentence formation practice get done only in class under our supervision, not at home.

Personal Training

We teach student personally. While studying English, all doubts of students is getting cleared by us in the beginning..

Learn fast with Ready Knowledge

Students get grammar, vocabulary, speaking habit and on-the-spot-solution at a time in one place. Hence in short time student learn much more…

Learn English in Hindi

In the beginning, English is taught mostly in Hindi / Marathi language. Hence every student understand every English lesson easily.