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Best methodology of Sentence Formation of SureEnglish, English Speaking Course

SureEnglish improves English speech based on reading and listening. Here grammar exercise is taken regularly.  To avoid mistake, we ask student not to build sentences on the basis of grammar at home. With the help of our easy grammar lessons, sentence formation is getting done by students themselves only in class under our trainers’ strict supervision. 


Our Personal Training that make you mistakeless..!

In SureEnglish, Personal Training is given to every student. Because everybody’s English knowledge level is different.


There is lot of differences in the knowledge of English between students of 8th Std. and graduate, students from city students and village students. Learning capacity and grasping power is also not same of all students. Every student is from different educational background, family background. Their friend-circle also is of different category and nature from each others.

Therefore teaching all these kind of students equally on the same time on the same topic is not possible. Also it is inconvenient for every student.


Therefore, Personal Training to every student is most important, particularly for the training of English language.  


Here, the personal training is given to every student as per their education & family background, existing English knowledge, grasping power and learning capacity & current requirements.


Those students who are still studying and have good educational background knows about basic English. Against to this, those students who left the study before long time and have no educational background a little bit, have very less idea about General English. Along with this, some students have good grasping power to study and some don’t have.


If there is so much variations among students than how can be taught all of them equally on one particular topic, on one particular time? It is not possible at all.


By keeping all this point, SureEnglish impart quality education of English language by giving Personal Training to every student to teach them in less time with less efforts.


Personal Training given is one of its key feature. Our this Methodology is different than any classes which teach various kind of students on same topic at a time.

Most of the practice is getting done only in Class

About learning English, students can’t study easily at home. There are so many uncertainties & difficulties, students have to face while sentence formation, for e.g. identifying unknown word by its pronunciation, searching its meaning in dictionary, judging whether meaning of particular word is matching with other words in sentence or not,  whether right words is used in right place or not?


Hence, we ask to make all kind of sentence formation only in class under our supervision so that no any mistake made by students should go ignored. We don’t ask any student to search the solution from the note or book. Their all doubts are getting cleared on the spot by us without wasting lot of time.



SureEnglish knows this better in advance. In addition to this, nobody in family or friend is able to give right guidance in case of any mistake.  To make clear their doubt without wasting their time, nearby 90% English speaking practice is getting done only in class under our supervision.  It means every student become mistake-less in the last while speaking in English.


SureEnglish gives nearby daily 1 hr speaking practice in class to every student individually.  In result, every student become ready to speak whatever they like and whenever they want.   Why does it give so much practice to every student? Because it know this that students don’t have better option than this for mistake-less English speaking practice at home and on job. 



Don’t worry… Grammar is soft now like flowers

In SureEnglish, Advanced English Grammar Course, highest level of grammar is taught. Hence finding out grammatic mistake in the sentences made by our students is mostly hard.

In SureEnglish, grammar is taught to the highest level. We don’t follow the concept of basic grammar & advanced grammar. Because nobody can tell exactly from where basic / advanced grammar starts & to where it ends. 


There is too much grammar related with words, sentence formation and paragraph building. Therefore, we don’t teach any grammar on any time unnecessarily. We teach grammar to students as per their learning requirement while sentence formation.


We teach grammar on three levels.  1.  Word level   2. Sentence Level   3. Paragraph Level


In this way, students don’t feel the burden of heavy dose of grammar. Also they understand better where to use what kind of grammar.


Teaching grammar by this method, student’s every grammar related doubts about word, sentence formation & paragraph formation are cleared for lifetime.



With the help of Word Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever word used is 100% confirmed.


With the help of Sentence Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever sentence made is 100% OK. No mistake at all.


With the help of Paragraph Level Grammar, student become confident about whatever sentences joined with each other have established good link between two or more sentences.


Therefore there will be no chance of any mistake while using words in sentences, forming new-new sentences or forming paragraph by joining many sentence with each other.


In SureEnglish, grammar is taught to such level that finding out grammatical mistake in the sentences made by our students will be hard enough. Instead, student can easily find out mistake from others sentences.

Weak in English mean continuous problem in study & jobs. To solve these problem for lifetime call now SureEnglish

Training Method is changed as per students background

Here in SureEnglish, first of all, we understand students’ educational & family background, their learning capacity & grasping power.  To understand & study students’ problems related with English learning, we teach each & every student individually.  By this way, every student’s every doubt is getting cleared as per their understanding.


Single type of pattern-wise training mostly doesn’t give expected result to different kind of students from different background. Therefore, we don’t teach on syllabus base. Instead of this, we teach as per the different learning requirements of different students for different backgrounds.  Here we keep on changing our way of training as per students learning requirements.


To find out students’ weakness about learning English, we continuously take their oral exam separately. In this exam, we judge whether student is taking long time for sentence formation or not and whether student is putting right word in right place or not.



We don’t take exam in a week or in a month. We take daily exam, because students mostly have habit of speaking in their local language outside. Therefore there is lot of chances of forgetting whatever taught about English language before 4-5 day.  By taking their daily exam, we don’t let any student to forget anything whatever taught before a day or weeks or months.


Also this exam is taken orally. Because this class is for making student ready to speak In English just like Hindi / Marathi without taking long time in reminding related words or grammar. Therefore to understand what actually problems students faces while speaking English, we ask them to speak in English and study their problems. In our terminology, students’ these problems are their actual English learning requirement. As per these requirements, we keep on teaching them further as a solution for their problem.

We teach students carefully as per their capacity.

Already English is confusion-creating language. There is too much confusion in identifying word by its spelling structure. Anybody can make short sentence but what about lengthy & critical sentence formation?

Everybody can make sentence in spare time, but while in conversation with other, keep on thinking whether this is right or that is?


In addition to this, some students are fast learner and some are slow learner.


By observing all theses, SureEnglish has adopted two types of training systems. One is Fast Training System & another is Slow Training System. Fast Training System is for fast students & Slow Training System is for weaker students or beginners.




Because of these method, weak can student learn English comfortably without any burden. These type of students can ask their doubt until they are not getting it exactly.


In the same way, Fast student also can learn English speedily without wasting his valuable time. In short time, they can complete their entire course easily.


In such way, by changing way of training as per students’ capacity, in SureEnglish, students are taught with utmost care.  

Therefore, in SureEnglish, expected result is 100% sure… 


24 x 7 English Speaking Practice on our Mobile App

Well-educated students from Hindi-Marathi family background, mostly have same problem of not having English speaking background in family and friend-circle. Therefore they can’t speak or listen in English regularly. Due to this, they go far away from English language. As a result of this, they can’t make themselves ready to speak in English suddenly while in interview. 


By seeing this inconvenience faced by these people, SureEnglish has launched its own app for continuous practice of speaking in English for their students. 







Students of SureEnglish become able to make critical unlimited sentences of their choice whenever they want. But due to non-English speaking Environment in family, they may not get the English speaking practice at home. To avoid their inconvenience, SureEnglish has developed its own app. 

In this app, two-three equally ready students are connected with each other for speaking practice purpose. 

While adding these students in app, we take their exam of making sentence properly or not. If we found good, we add them.  While speaking practice, no any student should make wrong sentence and misguide other students.  For this purpose, we take oral exam before connecting with each other.


Start to speak right from now…

In SureEnglish, we teach to speak English as soon as possible without wasting precious time of our students. You are getting here everything ready to learn. You will get grammar, vocabulary, speaking habit and on-the-spot-solution at a time in one place. So why will you take time to learn. 



English is complicated language for beginner. Many of its spellings are looking alike, but their pronunciations is different. In the same way, many of its spelling are looking different but their pronunciations are same. That’s why, English word, spelling, pronunciation or grammar related any problem may take nearby 10-15 minute to solve at home. If he didn’t get proper meaning of words in time or he is unable to set up the grammatical link, than he may get disturbed too much. In addition to that, he may lose his time & money behind this unsuccessful attempt.

But in SureEnglish, it can be solved within few minutes, because we have all thing ready with ourselves. Students don’t need to look into any books, instead, they should ask us their doubt. We give student all required & related knowledge quickly without wasting their valuable time. By this way we save our student’s money & time.


We teach English on the base of Marathi / Hindi languages

No one can stand upright in the air without taking base of table.  On this theory, as per study conducted by SureEnglish, to learn any new language, student must have the base of his own local language. Without having base of local language, it is too much difficult to learn new language like English to read, write & speak. 

We, in SureEnglish take support of local language like Hindi or Marathi to learn English language. If students are well versed in Hindi or Marathi & can identify ABCD of English, than we can easily teach them English speaking.

Mistakeless Study

We, at SureEnglish, don’t allow any student to repeat their mistake again and again. We ask student to clear their all grammar & spelling related doubt as soon as possible. Because  if these doubt remain unsolved, than students may make doubt related some mistake. If this happen continuously, than student can’t make expected progress with their studies. 


On other hand, we don’t allow any student to take help from their class mate to solve their any doubt, because as per SureEnglish’s views, all students come for learning English. That means they don’t know much more about English. If they don’t have full idea of English, than how can they solve other students’ doubt. Because of their misdirection by other student, there is chances of new mistake.


Above all, we don’t teach student on blackboard in class. Because many student don’t pay full attention while lecture because of this, there are chances of mistakes in understanding spelling & its pronunciation written on blackboard. And there is huge difference between English spelling structure & its pronunciation also. That’s why there is lot of chances of mistake while reading, writing & understanding spelling or sentence structure written on blackboard. For avoiding all these mistakes, we teach them with the help of our well tried & tested topic-wise notes which is given only in class for study as per the learning requirement of student.



In such way, in SureEnglish, making any kind of mistake is not allowed. That’s why our every step goes in right direction. 

20% Study at Home & 80% in Classroom Study

We give guarantee of our course, because we have powerful learning system. We get completed 80% of total study in classroom from our student under our supervision & give only 20% of study as homework. We follow this system, because as per our view, English language creates too much confusion if it is studied at home because of its words with silent accent. In English language, many words spelling is not matching with its pronunciation e.g. poor, door. Many words have two pronunciations e.g. live, wind and so on.


That’s why, while studying at home, if students counted any problem related with grammar, spelling, pronunciation or regarding sentence structure, either he may not solve these on his own, or may take long time in searching its solution or may get wrong idea as right one.


That’s why, we strictly ask student to make every kind of sentence structure only in classroom to avoid aforesaid problem. If student made sentence structure in class under our supervision, we can correct their mistake on the spot and can give extra related knowledge. 


By doing this, mistake ratio of students come down day-by-day. When student makes mistake rarely, he starts to study speedily & becomes ready to speak confidently.


Simple Homework

In our training system, we don’t give heavy load of homework on our students’ shoulder. Today, everybody is busy in their daily life. Students are also busy with their class & school homework.


Workers & businessmen are busy with their routine work & family life. In this situation, students may not complete their written homework regularly.



That’s why, we don’t give written homework of sentence formation to our students. We give homework of by-hearting words as per our direction.  These lot of words given as homework is basic requirement of further study from our note in class.



We develop English listening habit in students

We, at SureEnglish, pay full attention to every aspect of teaching of English Speaking. We lift students up from four side, i.e. Grammar, Sentence Structure, Wordstock & Listening & Reading Habit. In our view, any language can also be learnt to speak only by listening it continuously.  That’s why, we give students English Listening Habit regularly as one of the major teaching methods. 

In the beginning, student don’t have habit of listening English. That’s why we give them instruction in Hindi or Marathi language, so that given instruction should not go waste.  After completing first two-three note properly, we start to give instruction in English & ask them question in English. We speak with them in English mostly in speed for developing habit of catching all kind of English word from every angle. 

Study from outside Study Materials is not allowed

We teach students using our own specific Learning System that does not match with others’ study materials.  Studying from outside study material may lead to confusion while teaching student from our course material. That’s why, we don’t allow any student to use outside study material. 


In the same way, we don’t allow outside dictionary till our word-power books given as homework are not completed totally. Because we have given selected, non-confusive words in these books. 

Another things is, with this book, we continuously & individually check whether students are doing their homework on time or not.  We also check how students spell the words. We also guide orally how to pronounce any difficult or confusion creating words. This is not possible for us if students are using outside dictionary. 

In SureEnglish, No little bit Attendance problem

Today, every student from school going children to working profession is busy with their scheduled task. They have very less time to do things of their choice. Therefore, after joining course, student can’t attend the lecture continuously for entire six month. They have to drop some lecture. But due to this, they may lose some important topic or lesson, which can’t be repeated for single student.

But in SureEnglish, such thing never happens. We don’t let any our student to drop the topic / lesson. We continue them where they were absent. In our view, due to absentee, if student lost something, then it will be difficult to understand the next topic, because SureEnglish doesn’t teach any topic on any time randomly, It teaches students topic-wise related with each-other to make their English foundation strong continuously. 

SureEnglish’s Fixed as well as Flexible batch-times

In SureEnglish, students have two option of batch-time. One is fixed batch-time, another is flexible batch-time.


SureEnglish understands that today nobody has fixed working time. Many works on rotation based. For some day they have day shift and for some day night shift… Because of this nobody can give confirm time for doing something for their own development.


To sort out this problem, it has launched flexible batch-time in which those who don’t have confirm time to join the course. In this batch, students can come and attend the lecture on any batch-time in a day.

Along with this, student can complete 6 months course in 2 or 3 months by taking more batches at a time. This facility is for those students who have very less time of 2 to 3 months. Such students can take two batch-times in a day and can complete the course in three months or 3 batch-times for completing course in 2 months.


Now, no any students will have any time related problem in joining this course.