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Frequently Asked Question about English Speaking Course

Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your Training System?

We don’t teach as per Our Syllabus.  We teach as per your learning requirement. Because every students requirement is different as per their family & educational background.

Tell us about your courses?

We have only two Courses.   One is No Quality Course  and another is Only Quality Course.   Only Quality is best course for learning English in less time with less efforts without any confusion with so many learning facility.

What is Course Fee details?

Our Course Fee is always affordable as per your budget. 

First, we give you total course details with demo. After that we show you our Hindi-Marathi medium students now speaking in English.  After this, if you tell us that this course is best for you, only after that we give you full fee details. 

You can pay fee in 2-3 easy installments. 

What is Batchtime?

Our every batch is of 1.30 hrs. from Monday to Saturday. 

We offer two types of Batchtime.   1. Fixed Batchtime : In this, your batchtime is fixed. You can’t come on another batchtime. 2. Flexible Batchtime : In this, your batchtime is not fixed. You can come on another batchtime. It is best for those who are working in shift job. 

I want to complete this course in 2-3 months. Is it possible?

Yes… It is possible.  You can complete this 6 months course in 3 months by attending 2 batches per day  and  Also you can this course in 2 months by attending 3 batches per day. 

Is it possible to learn English at home by studying books, mobile app, and with the help of friends and relatives?

No… Not at all.  English Books and mobile app doesn’t understand your actual problem or learning requirment while studying. Hence it fails to give you its solution. 

Friends and relatives are not master of English language training. So they may give you wrong idea about grammar or vocabulary. 

On third side, without proper direction, if you are studying, you will do 1hr study in 2hrs. You can’t understand yourself whether you are studying on right way or wrong way. 

Without grammar, is learning English possible?

No… not at all.  Grammar teaches you how to build correct sentences as per your requirement.  If you don’t know grammar, than how can you build sentences as per your requirement.  and if you don’t have lot of required sentences, you can’t speak English non-stop.

For high profile job or education, what is required most? Only English reading-writing or only speaking?

Well educated people who knows only English reading-writing are getting rejected in interview just because of not well in English Speaking. 

In the same way, housemaid working in convent family speaks in English very well. Despite this, she cannot work in high profile company. because she can’t read-write in English. 

In short, For high profile job or education,  all reading-writing and speaking in English is most important. 

In group training, teaching English to many students from different background on single time, is possible?

No.. It is totally impossible.  On single time one teacher can’t teach English to so many students from different educational and family background on one particular topic. 

Mostly, all students have highly unequal knowledge of English language. Hence their learning requirements are too different from one another. Therefore, in group training, one single teacher can’t fulfil their all these requirement at a time. 

What is difference in English subject taught in school/college & your English Speaking Course?

English subject taugh In school/college is limited only to its lesson, poem (with its author), question, answer & related grammar (required for getting mark in exam).  Our English Speaking Course doesn’t have any relation with such things. We directly make student ready to speak in English in his daily life just like Hindi / Marathi languages. 

To learn English easily, what is most important?

To learn English, first Grammar is important to the highest level. After that Vocabulary of related working field is important.  After that Speaking in English nonstop (speaking habit) is important. 

How students can understand easily whatever taught?

To understand easily, trainer should teach students in his local language (means in Hindi / Marathi). Along with this trainer should teach students personally, because every student has different background therefore their quiries are also different. Until trainer are solving their all queries, student will not understand easily. By seeing all this, we teach students personally in their local language. 

What is importance of Accent Training (British / American)?

British / American accent is important if you are continuously getting connected with USA / UK like countries for business purpose. Otherwise accent training is not required at all. Another thing, those who can’t speak fluently in English, first they should learn to speak English fluently in Indian tone. After that they can extend it further to USA / UK Accent by joining Accent Training classes. Otherwise joining Accent Training courses will be useless. 

What is connection of Personality Development Skill with English Speaking Course?

Personality Development Skill is not part of English Speaking Course. To develop Personality, learning to speak in English is required, but to learn English speaking, Pesonality development skill is not required.  Because both of its requirement is different.    To develop Personality, tips of self-presenting or handling client in official manner is required. But to learn English, lessons of sentence formation with the help of grammar & vocabulary is required.

Is Letter Drafting & Interview Preparation most required for learning English Speaking Course?

Letter Drafting & Interview Preparation are also different from English Speaking Course.  To learn letter drafting & interview Preparation, its tips are required,  But to learn English, lessons of sentence formation with the help of grammar & vocabulary is required.  Those who can write the letter in Hindi or face the interview in Hindi easily, also can draft letter in English very well and face the interview in English very well, if they learn to speak in English very well. 

Is Public Speaking skills required to learn English Speaking Course?

No. It is not required a little bit. Developing Public Speaking skill is far away from learning to speak in English. Public speaking skill means giving effective speech in public or on stage. Therefore to develop it, its guidance tips are required, But to learn English, lessons of sentence formation with the help of grammar & vocabulary is required. Both are different. Political Leader give good speech in their local language, without joining public speaking course. It means, to become public speaker, you don’t need English Speaking Course. In the same way, to learn to speak English, you don’t need to develop public speaking skill.