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Only one expressway from Marathi-Hindi to English, SureEnglish, Basic English Speaking Course, English Language Coaching Institute at Kurla, Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Vidyavihar, Kalina, Ghatkopar in Mumbai.

Now go by Expressway run from Hindi-Marathi to English made for local people by SureEnglish

India has so many local languages. Even in the days of science and technology, Indians still prefer to speak in their local languages. Being Indian, it's good to listen.

On a local level, most of the routine activities are done in local languages. For less or non-educated people, It is comfortable to do everything in their mother tongue.

By seeing this reality, SureEnglish trains its students in Hindi or in their local languages to study hassle-free.

Giving training in the English language to develop listening habits  creates confusion in the minds of students as  students hardly understand the lecture given in English language which is unknown for them.

If students fail to understand lectures then how will they study easily? Hence there are strong chances of weak performance of most of the students despite studying properly.

Lectures in English can be given only if all students in class are fully familiar with this language, otherwise it will be just a drama of training only for show.

English listening habits can never be developed in 1-2 hours daily for 6 months. It is a long process depending upon the mindset, knowledge of English of students.

To cut this long process short, here students get training in such a language in which they feel comfortable while studying. 

Due to such a training direct from their mother tongue, every student understands each & everything easily. 

Therefore the learning process gains speed. As a result, students with any family or educational background become ready to speak in English in a short period of time. 

Here while training, students learn all the minor details of the English language which may create a major impact while speaking in English practically in social life.

In such a way, studying here to speak in English has no little bit of problems. 

Get solutions of all your problems related with learning English under one roof

Until now, learning to speak English was not so simple.  There were countless problems related with critical grammar, sentence formation, spelling structure, accent, pronunciation,  

Unable to remember the right word & grammar at the right time….

While trying to speak in English, most students have a habit translating sentences from their mother tongue to English speedily to prove their excellency over language. Because of this, they take pressure unknowingly to remember the right word or grammar in that short time.

Unable to pronounce unknown words…

Most of the learners can't identify new unknown words as per its formation and deriving its exact meaning as per sentences.. Hence pronouncing such words is just like big questions for these learners. While reading in English, these are the initial difficulties most of the students are facing continuously.

English learning books & YouTube videos give only one way training…

To learn English, there are so many lectures and lessons on YouTube as well as English books by different authors in the market. Even though hardly anyone can study English properly from these self-learning materials. Because if any learner has any doubt while studying from these learning materials, who will clear their doubt on that time? Authors of videos and books are far away from this learner, that's why they can't solve their doubt by meeting him personally.

In such a way, if doubts remain unsolved while studying, then how can anyone learn from such study materials?

In class training, trainer clear every raised doubts by trainees while lecture. But these books or YouTube videos gives one way training where training keeps on going non-stop without clearing doubts of the trainee.

Therefore such kind of one way training is mostly unassured & ineffective. 

Friends or relatives have no experience of teaching English till the end….

Learning English from friends or relatives who speak English well, can't teach well. 

Speaking English and teaching to speak English are two different task. Those who speak well may not have the skill or experience of teaching others to speak in English.  Speaking flawlessly requires only speaking habits, but no experience of sentence formation. But teaching properly requires speaking habits, different kinds of sentences, building experience along with English problem solving abilities. 

It is just like the difference between cooking food and eating food. 

Many problems, but the solution is only one. It's SureEnglish, Corporate English Training Course, English Language Classes at Panvel, Kalamboli, Navade Road, Taloja, Nilaje, Dativali, Diva, Kalva, Mahape, Thane.

Eating food doesn't require any skill to eat. Little children eat easily. But cooking requires excellent skill in making food. It means, only a cook can cook well. 

In the same way, only a teacher can teach well, not any others. 

You may mislead yourself by learning English without a teacher….

English is the most confusing language in spite of being the most widely used language of the world.

In this language, the spelling structure of most of the words are not as per its pronunciation, e.g. more, tail, tale, me, her, done, etc., 

Many words has two pronunciations which is not as per grammar rules e.g. Wind, Bear, Tear, Read etc.

Many two words with different spelling structure has same pronunciation e.g. sit seat, bit beat,  hear here, rid read,  plain, plane, etc

In many words, one or two of its letters are kept silent while pronouncing  e.g. Doubt, Night, Could, Said, Society, etc.

In short, words of any language should be read as per it is written, should be written as per spoken. But this doesn't happen in the English language. 

It creates confusion while reading, writing and speaking in this language.

In another case, while learning English without a teacher at home, no one knows how to learn English step by step. They don't know what to learn first, what to learn last. That's why, without making progress, they keep on making round and round in the same place unknowingly. 

Like this, self-learners can't  teach themselves like experienced teachers. 

Therefore, without a teacher self-learning like this takes a long time to get expected results. It will never give you confidence while speaking. Every time you will feel something is going wrong.

In short, it can be said that while learning English, there are many hidden problems which don't let you get ahead with your study.

Being fully aware with these problems, in SureEnglish, Personal training is given to avoid  all kinds of inconveniences, misunderstanding, misguidance.

Solutions of most of the problems related with learning English will come under one roof, that is only SureEnglish.

Learn to speak English without mistake for ever

Here in SureEnglish, the training of the English language is given to students in such a way that they will never undergo English speaking related problems in their life. Because all kinds of things required for speaking in English get done carefully in class under our supervision. 

Different kinds of sentence formation as per tenses, habit of spoken English and vocabulary development get done here to the great level. 

Here, by examining the sentences made by every student, we keep on searching for their mistakes to repair them at that time. 

Like this, if all of the mistakes get cleared continuously then it can never be repeated in future by these students. If there is no mistake, then how will they not speak in English properly for ever?  

SureEnglish, the confirmed address for pure & sure knowledge of English

There are so many options for learning English like books, videos and apps, language courses, home tutor, online training classes, etc. Despite all these, there is still a lot of illiteracy about the English language. Hardly anyone manages to speak, read or write properly in English anytime anywhere on any topic.

It means, there must be some hidden shortfalls with these study materials that may not match with different kinds of learning requirements of different English learners.

By keeping these requirements in view,  SureEnglish, made everything available required for training which can't get anywhere else. 

The last destination for full knowledge of English language is SureEnglish, English Conversation Classes, Basic Spoken English Course near me at Grant Road, Agripada, Charni Road, Mumbai Central, Tardeo in Mumbai

SureEnglish is the last destination for all those who have tried many options to get in-depth knowledge of English but till now they got nothing. 

It improves students' knowledge of grammar based sentence building. It enhances their vocabulary with pronunciation. It teaches students how to use a single word in different sentences as per different situations.

It takes students' daily exams individually to make them mistake-free. In this way, it pulls the students up from many sides at a single time. 

In such a way, SureEnglish is the confirmed address for all those who want pure & sure knowledge of English languages as it has brought so many things required for learning English under one roof. 

To learn English from the basics,  join SureEnglish, Business English Training Institute, English Grammar Course in CBD Belapur, Seawoods, Darave, Nerul, Juinagar, Sanpada, Vashi.

Basic knowledge of English never let you speak in wrong way

Basic means foundation & if foundation is strong then no one can cut your ways in the entire life. Foundation keeps confirmed ways ready for the next move in the same direction. 

Therefore foundation is all the time important while getting ahead in life.

About training in the English language, it can be said that, foundation of English is most valuable for beginners.  Getting ahead with training in advanced English without basic knowledge is too difficult. 

It is also true that if basic knowledge of English is perfect, then there is very little chance of mistakes while sentence formation.

Hence SureEnglish gives first priority for making a strong foundation of the English language directly in the beginning of training of every new learner.

Non-stop speaking in English for a long time on anytime is now possible

Everybody wants to speak in English to impress others. Sometimes they start to speak, but after a few words they get stuck. They get confused about how to speak ahead.

Keep on speaking some English words non-stop, doesn't mean you know how to speak in English very well.  Speak in English whatever you like but it must be grammatically correct & carry some meaning as per situation.

Starting to speak in English is easy, but continuing it for a long time without any mistakes needs training of speaking in English with the help of grammar & vocabulary.

To speak in English whenever you want, learn English from SureEnglish, English Pronunciation and Accent Training Course, TOEFL Tutorials near BARC, RCF, Trombay, Mandala, Koliwada, Vashi Naka, Anushakti Nagar in Mumbai.

It means training by experienced trainers is required too much to develop the habit of speaking English for a long time without any mistakes.

Now don't worry about all these. Now anyone can speak in English whatever they like anytime. SureEnglish has made it possible.

To manage everything smoothly on a newly joined job in big companies, learn to speak properly in English after the interview…

These days, English speaking skill is mostly needed for the purpose of grabbing a good job in high profile companies where communication in English is required. For new candidates, Facing an interview successfully is the only gateway to enter and take a position in these companies.

Therefore most of the English speaking training is designed as per the requirements of the interview. Due to well-preparation for interviews in English, getting a job became easy.

To learn to speak in English before and after interview, join SureEnglish, English Language School, English Vocabulary Course near Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Powai, Kanjurmarg, Bhandup, Nahur, Mulund, Thane

But after a successful interview, what will happen while working on a job in these high profile companies where every business activity is done in English. If you don't know English properly required for doing business activities and your performance on the job is weak then your job position may get down and you may get fired from your job. 

To avoid weak performance on a newly joined job, you need to learn to speak properly in English after an interview, just like spoken before an interview. 

Now, there is good news for you all. Now anyone can speak in English as per changing requirements anytime. SureEnglish has made it easier than ever before.

So, to manage everything properly before an interview as well as after an interview, first learn speaking in English from SureEnglish and after that start to apply for a job in new-new high profile companies. 

For searching a good job in big companies, this is the right guidelines for job seekers educated from vernacular medium schools.

Learn English from SureEnglish for all the benefits of its Quick Solution

Quick Solution means ready answer of the question. Without taking a little bit of time, solving the problem means Quick Solution.

The quick solution for English, it's SureEnglish, Intensive English Language Institute, English Pronunciation Course at Mumbra, Majipada, Tikujini Wadi, Manpada, Naupada, Patlipada, Thakurli in Thane.

SureEnglish is just like a quick solution for most of the queries related to learning to speak English. 

Quick solution for everything right from reading, writing, listening to English as well as  sentence formation as per grammar rules.

After a lot of searches & research in the sector of English language training, it is working as a quick solution.

To impart best training to every student, this English academy has studied a lot about the students' learning capacity as well as educational & their family background, also the existing training system of most of the training institutes. 

Because of these studies and wide experience of training, SureEnglish has proved its excellency in the field of English language training by making ready, less educated students from villages to speak in English without any mistakes for 30 minutes.

To be master of your field, get the Master Key from SureEnglish 

These days, to be successful you need to possess different kinds of skills to perform best in all. 

There are so many job & business oriented skills like Public Speaking skill, body language skill, Business Letter Drafting skill, Powerful Presentations skill, Effective Communication skill, Good Listening skill, etc.

All these are the primary requirement of the time as well as the position you hold on a job in high profile companies.

These skills are useful for Self-Development, participating actively in Group Discussion, maintaining Public Relations, giving Presentations, attending Business Meetings, and preparing for Interviews.

It means your career makes a huge demand to add few of these skills in your profile.

Masterkey of every career, SureEnglish, Conversational English Classes, Advanced English Grammar Course at Kalyan, Shahad, Ambivli, Titwala, Khadavli, Vasind, Asangaon, Atgaon, Thansit, Oombermali, Kasara in Raigad.

All kinds of above mentioned career- oriented skills have a strong connection with English Speaking Skills. 

Good spoken English skill is just like the foundation stone of all the above skills.

In the absence of good English Speaking skill, no one can imagine the visible existence of any other skills like public speaking skill, presentation skill, etc.

It is impossible to develop all of the above career-driven skills without better Spoken English skill.

In short, to develop skills like Public Speaking, business letter drafting, etc. you need to develop your English Speaking skills first of all. 

So sharpen your Spoken English skill by learning to speak in English non-stop without any mistakes for lifetime.

Know the unknown secret of success to be successful 

Achieving success is not as easy as you think. It takes lots of time to be successful. Lots of effort you have to pour in to succeed.

The secret of progress in life, career & business is SureEnglish, Intensive English Course, Advanced Spoken English Classes at Andheri, Santacruz, Juhu, Vakola, Vile Parle, Khar, Bandra in Mumbai.

Running behind success is not a child game.

There is no mathematical or scientific formula for confirmed success. 

Despite putting in a lot of effort & investing a huge amount of time, in the end there is no guarantee of success at all.

So, on what basis, one should try for success in life? What may be the secret of success?

Even though you have talent along with good educational qualifications, success is not near you. It means you are far away from those working people who will understand you & support you. It means your communication with them in a business language like English is not so effective.

Your communication is not effective means you are not well-versed with the English language.

It means, your command over the English language is not so good, that's why you can't do your best for yourself as per your requirement of success. 

It means to do something best in your life, you need to know how to speak in English properly & effectively.

So learn English from SureEnglish to understand how to do everything in English properly.

It means ultimately, SureEnglish is the secret of your success.

SureEnglish, the best platform to fly in the sky with your dreams

Everybody wants to make progress in their life. For gaining growth, they try every option without losing any opportunity. 

Despite these efforts, they failed to realised whatever they dreamt about. It's just because of the cut throat competition all around the world. 

Due to tough competition going around everywhere hidden, everyone has only one question : how to shape a career as per their choice

Despite being well-educated, inability in making progress on the basis of talent is really most worrying.

It's happening all because of your not-so-well in English which prevents you from creating your own space in a crowd.

It means you don't have the power of the English language without which you are failing in every attempt.

SureEnglish is the perfect place where you can throw away your shortcomings of the English language. 

It is the place where the English language makes you ready to take a long leap toward success in life. Its training is just like getting a green signal to your career.

The best platform for growth in life. It's SureEnglish, English Conversation Course, English Language Training Center in Thane, Kalva, Mumbra, Diva, Bhiwandi, Kopar,  Dombivli, Thakurli, Kalyan.

SureEnglish fulfill your English speaking requirement in exchange of your money & efforts

These days, there are so many training institutes where the English language is taught by well-educated teachers. 

Despite these, even after a lot of study guided by the teachers, most of the less educated students can't speak in English face to face anytime on any topic.

Why is it so? Who failed in reality, those institutes or those teachers or those students?

But in the end, the students are always at a loss… their money, their time, their lots of efforts for learning, their dreams of a bright career after learning English has gone wasted.

For not letting it happen with any its student, SureEnglish always thinks about how to teach students in a better way. It teaches students by taking their problems into perspective. It keeps on searching for reasons for students not learning English properly.

As a result of this, it has launched its courses along with its features & facilities which try to relax students from their stress that creates hurdles in the way of their learning.

To make all students doubt-free, we teach every student individually. In many other classes only group training is available where every student is taught in group, not personally as per their different backgrounds.

Here, we teach students to speak in English as early as possible to develop his speaking habits. Hence in less time students start to speak in English.

Here a daily exam is taken. With this exam, we find out students' current knowledge level of English, and also judge whether any student forgot any previous lesson or not. By using this method, we find out their mistakes while speaking to correct it at that time.

Here all students are not taught equally as per syllabus like group training.  All students are taught separately as per their learning capacity, grasping power, educational background and family background.

As a part of personal training, training given to all students is not same. Therefore if any students take leave for 3-4 days, he will miss nothing from his lessons. After 3-4 days, when he comes, he may continue to study ahead from where his training is stopped.

There will be no need to buy extra study materials from outside. It saves students' money.

In such a way, there is zero risk in learning English with full guarantee of training. Here students get more than they actually pay for. 

Theirs every penny is refunded in the form of features, facilities, quick results and its benefits in future.