Your Problem : Weak English 

Marathi - Hindi School children can't study easily in English

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Don't ignore your children's weakness in English.

Are your children weak in English? 

Weakness in English may spoil academic performance of your children if it remains neglected. Be serious about it... 

Weak academic performance may take your children away from higher education. As a result, such children can't fulfill the dreams seen by their parents. 

Parents will never feel good about their children being weaker in study than others.

Parents doing everything in Hindi Marathi at home can't help their children studying in English medium schools. 

But SureEnglish can do too much for such children. 

Now don't worry about less marks.

Studying in English is too tough for students with a Hindi - Marathi family background. Parents also can't do a job as a teacher at home because they are also weak in English.. 

If the condition remains the same like this, then how can any parent expect good marks from their little children?

Now, leave all these to SureEnglish. Academic performance of your children will improve.

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English Schools should give special training to Marathi - Hindi students

Many parents have a wish to see their children speaking in English like others. So they make admission for their children in English medium school.  

As these children don't have habits of speaking and listening in English by birth at home, they are not well-prepared for  lessons and instructions given by teachers.

Even though, parents prefer English schools for them.

Schools know well that most of the students' families are not speaking in English. So these students must not have habits of listening and speaking in English. 

Even though, in the name of developing its listening and speaking habits, instructions are given and subjects are taught to these students only in English.  

Due to no background of English speaking & listening at home, these students are not able to grasp everything taught by teachers. They get confused while learning in English in school. 

As a result, they get less marks and their performance becomes weaker day by day.

In schools, Educational performance of students are calculated on the basis of their subject knowledge, not on the basis of spoken English skills. 

But for better performance in these subjects, students should possess excellent spoken or written English skills. 

But there is no separate training given to students for developing these skills. 

Without developing these skills in students, how can parents and teachers expect better academic performance from them?

So special training for developing skills of listening and speaking in English should be given to these students in advance before starting to teach them subjects

Studying in unknown language hardly give expected result

If learning an unknown foreign language like English is a great headache for college going students and for professionals then what about English school going children from Marathi / Hindi speaking families?

Such children feel too much burden to read-write-speak-listen in English before their teachers. 

English schools teach a variety of subjects in English.  But due to not being familiar with the English language, many students fail to listen to instructions in English, then how they will understand what is taught. 

If they don’t understand what is taught, then how will they study well?

If they can't study well despite learning in English medium school, how can they speak well in English?

Without well-preparation in advance nothing can be done easily. 

In the same way, without a good English listening habit developed in advance, educating Marathi-Hindi speaking children in the English language is totally wrong. 

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Weak grammar will not let you speak in English

Most well-educated people have one common problem of not having good English Grammar. Due to weak grammar, they are not confident whether they have made the right sentence or wrong. Hence they get confused while speaking in English. 

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Despite being well-educated, while working on the job, their grammatical mistakes lead to confusion and spoils their impression. 

In the same way, due to weak grammar, school & college going students are not able to write answers in English exactly without making grammatical mistakes.  Due to this, they obtain very few marks in exams. 

To reduce grammatical mistakes, you may join SureEnglish. It has made tough grammar very soft like never before.

Before 10th no English, after 10th only English... What is this?

In India, students learning in Junior colleges face so many difficulties.  Parents & colleges are aware of their problems but none of them are serious about it.

As these children have taken their education till 10th from Marathi - Hindi medium and also don't have habits of speaking and listening in English by birth at home, they are not well-prepared for lectures and lessons taught in colleges.

Parents as well as colleges are also negligent toward this issue.

Colleges know well that most of the students' families are not speaking in English. So these students must not have habits of listening and speaking in English by birth at home. 

Even though, it keep on teaching these students in English. As a result, students become weak in their studies. 

To improve the performance of such students, colleges should give separate training for developing their skills of listening and speaking in English. It should teach every subject in their local language which is comfortable for them to expect rising performance from them. 

Teaching these students every subject in an unfamiliar language like English pressurizes them to study this unfamiliar language as well as the  college subjects which they could not clearly understand in lectures given in unfamiliar language.

To be familiar with this unfamiliar language, these students have to study its different rules of grammar, spelling structure of words & its different meaning as per different sentences 

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Academic performance is calculated on the basis of subject knowledge taught in school college, not on the basis of spoken or written English skills. 

But for better performance in every subject, students should possess excellent spoken or written English skills. 

But there is no separate training given to students for developing these skills. 

Without developing these skills in students, how can parents and teachers expect better academic performance from them?

Continuous Loss of School & College Students

Without English, Everything is Incomplete

For jobs, English speaking skill is more required than typing or other soft skills. 

Commonly anyone says that one should have at least one or two soft skills besides academic excellencies to be settled in life with a good job. There are so many soft skills like typing, steno, computer operating, etc. Such skills are an additional requirement for getting a job easily. 

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But these days, things have changed on a large scale. The requirement for getting a high profile job is not the same as before. It has been changed. 

These days, one should command over English very well verbally as well as written to get a good job with good position. English is essential for creating a positive & rich impression among clients in the market.

Therefore instead of typing or other soft skills, English as a medium of communication is required on a higher scale in most of the companies. 

Skill of Speaking in English makes your Degree & Diploma more valuable

Most commonly higher education like graduation or master degree are taken seriously just for a dream job. Only with the vision of a job, everybody tries to complete their graduation or master degree. 

By considering this reality,  these days there are so many graduates or, M.Sc, M.A. degree holders waiting for a job. 

Taking higher education like graduation, diploma and degree or any other technical course, doesn’t mean that you are eligible for a high profile job…. 

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These days, the requirement for high profile jobs has changed on a large scale. 

Only Graduation or a Master Degree is not so beneficial for a job if you don't have Spoken English skill which is needed for official communication in global market, 

Until you can’t present your talent in the English language, you will be counted as an ordinary candidate for a job, not extraordinary…

Hence the English speaking skill which adds more value to your degree or diploma has nowadays become more important while interviewing. 

Weak in English develop Lack of Confidence

Don't panic. If we are with you then weak English is not a big problem.

For vernacular medium students, learning the English language is more time-consuming and pain-giving than any other. Due to a lot of confusion in English spelling structure, its pronunciation and meaning, school & college students fear to study in this language. 

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In the survey made by SureEnglish, it is found that studying in English language is one of the fear factors for most of the vernacular medium students for not continuing study further after 10th or 12th.

But now SureEnglish is there to give  a helping hand to such vernacular medium students. So don't worry a little bit and continue the study ahead in English with the help of SureEnglish.

Fulfilling your this wish is easy task for SureEnglish

Do you wish to acquire English speaking skills like your friends, but don’t know how to do that? Everybody on the job speaks in English except you only… 

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While trying to speak in English, many common mistakes in English you make again & again unknowingly. 

So don’t learn English yourself, you may get confused or misled easily. Instead, take help from experts of the field, just like SureEnglish. It has a unique speciality of making anyone ready to speak in English.

Now get rid of stammering by SureEnglish

Do you feel nervous or scared about speaking English in public? Even though well educated, you can't speak easily. 

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There is a continuous stammering problem, whenever you try to speak in English. you can't speak. Whatever you don't want to speak, you speak it unconsciously. Right words don't come on the tongue at the right time. 

To stop this entirely, just step in SureEnglish. It will teach you as per your learning requirements & grasping power.  It will uproot your English speaking related problems forever. 

Problems while Interview

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Be ready for interview with an effective communication in English

How to apply for a job in big companies, if I can't speak well in English?  Giving an interview only in English which is not possible for me. What to do then? 

In such a way, applying for a job in big companies is looking impossible for those who are not so good at English communication . Inability to apply for a job in high profile companies is the most serious issue for well educated people. 

They can't fully utilize their educational qualification for grabbing a good job in the absence of English communication.

Problems On Jobs

You may get ignored by boss due to not speaking in English on job 

Many of the staff are really brilliant in their work. But because of their inefficiency in speaking English they can't present their talent widely. Because of this, they are continuously getting ignored by their seniors or boss...

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They are not in direct view of their boss or management. That's why their work credit goes to somebody else... Then what is the use of all talents they are utilizing in their work? 

These days, reading-writing as well as speaking in English is required in office work on a higher scale. If you are weak in English, then the value of your work is nearby zero. 

You will have to work more with less pay if you are unable to speak in English.

Those who are not good at English, have to work in small companies for a long time for less pay without any option. 

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Lack of good knowledge of English, inability to speak in English, continuously stammering while speaking English make a huge financial loss to most of the talented people... 

They have only one minus point. They can't speak in English... That's why they are having to keep on working with low profile companies on less payment for more time than their duty time….

Do you fade up working in such a way? Then make yourself ready for a high profile job by learning to speak in English.

Learn English speaking to be free from your worries forever

My English is too weak. I can’t read-write-speak in English very well for official work. That's why I am having to do a job in a small scale company for long hours. 

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Small company’s payment is also small which is not sufficient for living life. I cannot do anything freely in my life because of small payments. Therefore I have to cut expenses every time. 

To cut all these worries forever, you need to learn to speak in English at any cost. It will make you ready for jobs in high-profile companies. 

Not-so-well English has put me in so many problems

Being weak in English, I have to work with a small scale company which pays very less. Then how to manage daily expenses? 

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To fulfill my family needs, I have to do a part time job. But this continuous overwork makes me ill. Now my working capacity is getting over. 

I am sure, all these are side effects of weakness in English. Inability of English speaking is the root cause of all my problems. 

Weak in English leads to Time Loss, Money Loss and Health Issues

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Weak English always leave you alone in problem

You are highly qualified, technically also very good. but you are not well versed with the English language, It means anything special can be hardly done by you in your life.  English is an expressway toward the world of opportunities. You have essential skills and qualifications, but unfortunately you are far away from this expressway. 

In these modern times of the English language, having no English means you are in a dangerous zone. You will achieve whatever you want, but with immense difficulty after a long time. 

Hence, no difference can you make easily in your life. 

Inability of speaking in English always becomes a big hurdle on the way to success. It keeps you far away from success.

Weak in English take you back in life

Only English can make you ready for first class everywhere in life

I would have gone by 1st class, if I had a good job in a high profile company. 

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I had tried many times, but because of my poor English speaking ability, I could not answer interview questions in English. 

Therefore, right now, I have to work with a low profile company which offers a very low salary. With this low salary, how can I live a luxurious life? 

If I had learnt English speaking 10 years before, I would not have been in a rush like this.

Result of not learning English in the past can be like this in future

Every well educated person not efficient in English has a dream of a good job with a good position in high profile companies. He want to work as a senior officer, manager, a chief executive... But due to weakness in English, fulfilling his dream looks very difficult … 

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Only after learning to speak in English, the doors of high profile companies will open easily. Otherwise you will have to continue with your ordinary job as a clerk, salesman etc. for a lifetime, despite having higher education. 

For getting a dream job, you should make almost every type of communication effectively only in English as per requirement of time.