SureEnglish, English Language Academy with Personal Training

This academy has replaced age-old group training system with its personal training that now trains everyone to learn to speak everything only in English face to face anytime, anywhere on any topic..!

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  By seeing most of our Google reviews having 5 stars, it can be said that only SureEnglish is the best option among all others to learn English easily in a short span of time. With our personal training by understanding students' learning requirements, our students are experiencing a lot of improvement in their communication skills in the  English language. 

Teaching English is not as simple as it is thought. It takes a lot of effort to sort out a variety of doubts of a variety of students from different backgrounds..  But SureEnglish has done it successfully. 

SureEnglish has unique training system in India that provides personal training to students to make them ready to speak English

Know us more before getting ahead... 

SureEnglish has been serving in the field of imparting knowledge of the English language for the last 10 years. With its wide-based training experience, it has proven its excellence by making students ready to speak in English face to face. 

It is the best and last option for every student with a different family background as well as educational background. 

Our Testimonials in the form of video clips of English speaking Marathi / Hindi medium students proudly published on YouTube says everything about us.

Making students ready to speak in English is not an easy task. Giving equal training to all students with different backgrounds is not the right method of training for the English language. It knows this well. 

As per SureEnglish's view, lots of things are required to be in the right position at the right time for better results without any extra burden. Just like Personal Training for every student having different backgrounds, Daily Exam to find out grammatical mistakes by students and correct them on the same time… Like these many other inevitable criteria must be fulfilled by an English language trainer.

This institute has passed every such required criteria. So… be sure about SureEnglish…

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Our Testimonials For Your Surety…

SureEnglish has proven itself by becoming successful in its attempts of educating many Marathi - Hindi students to speak in English without any mistakes in a short period of time.

It is openly expressed in its testimonials & reviews given by parents & students which say that it is just like a ladder for those who wish to move up in their life. 

These testimonials have shown that this English Academy is the ray of hope for those who still find it difficult to learn English grammar, to spell English words correctly.

These testimonials are just like a guideline for those who have missed their selected way in life due to continuous failure in their attempt of becoming different among all by learning to speak in English.

English Language Training Centre in VT, Cotton Green, Parel, Kurla, Nahur, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Vangani, Shelu, Karjat, Dolavali

Weak English that don't let you get ahead of all

There are lots of opportunities around us that have the potential to make us successful in every aspect of our life. 

To utilize such opportunities, we need to have some basic skills, such as Effective Communication, Public Speaking, Powerful Presentation, etc…

To possess such skills, one needs to be confident over his ability of speaking in English language easily & smoothly. 

Being No.1 language worldwide for business communication, English language has more importance than any other languages of the entire world.

Hence, those well-educated but weak in English verbally or written, can't do much more to give perfect shape to their career, business and life.

They can't create their own long lasting impression by the way of communication or presentation. 

They are not fit for any hot seat in a high profile company. They work as ordinary assistants with no professional image on the job.

It alerts in advance about all these unavoidable difficulties to those who dream big about their career and life with no good command over English.

English Learning Center in CST, Dockyard Road, Wadala, Byculla, Currey Road, Kurla, Mankhurd, Sanpada, Nerul, Kamothe, Panvel

Perfect in English by spoken or written is most needful to step ahead in life

Go anywhere in the world, only a few things can be seen in common. One of them is the English language, which is the medium of communication for the entire world. 

Strong existence of this language can be seen worldwide in almost every aspect of our day-to-day life i.e. in business affairs, on social platforms, in political scenario, in family relations, crime world,  love-life, educational life, cultural festivals etc

Nothing is left beyond the reach of this language. Therefore, to gain easy access to the field of your choice, on a higher or highest level, you need to have its Master key. English, as a communication medium, is more than Master key.

For getting this Master key easily, SureEnglish is last destination and best option for you all

In India, English is an unknown & unfamiliar language for most of the people. They use their local languages as a medium of communication.  Hence they have little English listening habits.  

As per rules of language training, listening habit is also one of prime requirements for learning to speak that language. But here also SureEnglish became successful in developing English listening habits among students.

English Speaking Class in CST, Sewri, Chinchpokli, Dadar, Mahim, Khar, Sion, Bhandup, Govandi, Sanpada, Belapur, Khandeshwar

As per student's requirements, we have English Speaking Courses

There are various types of requirements related to the training of the English language. All these requirements come out of different educational & family backgrounds of students. 

Many students are very less educated till 4th, 5th to 10th std. Such students want to learn English from the basics.

Many students are educated till 12th std. Such students don't want a Basic course. But they don't have enough knowledge of basic grammar either.

Many students are graduate and post-graduate. Such students opt only for advanced courses. But they have incomplete ideas of every kind of grammar. Therefore they speak in English with lots of breaks, not with confidence.

As per these variations, we have designed 5 different courses which are suitable for persons with different educational backgrounds as well as different trades like Driver, Maid, Housekeeper, Cook, Engineer, Computer Operator, Accountant, Student, Teacher, Clerk, Executive, Manager etc.

English Speaking Course in Masjid Bunder, Churchgate, Grant Road Dadar, Kurla, Matunga, Mahim, Santacruz Borivali, Thane, Diva

Our Unique Features that facilitates students with easy, stress-free study in less time.

SureEnglish is also well-known for its features & facilities which has been introduced for the first time ever in the entire system of English language training classes. 

Among all, its Personal Training as well as Daily Exam are the most favorable features for students with different backgrounds. 

It has studied a lot over exact problems faced by students while learning lessons of English language in classes to minimize their stress of study. 

As per these studies, it has launched many new features including Personal Training as per the grasping power & educational background of student, Daily Exam to find student's mistakes to clear it on tha time, Homework in Mobile App to study wherever it is possible, etc. 

All such features are most important requirements for giving student quick result in less time with no extra burden of study on their head.

Just get your every doubt clear, before joining the course

These days, joining English classes is also a critical task. It is very difficult to find a better trainer of the English language. 

Does any English language institute know which criteria it should fulfill to offer its assured training to the people with different educational and family backgrounds?

No one knows on which basis one should join the training of any English Learning Academy. 

Before joining a course, what should one concentrate on, surety of training, quality of trainer or fees of course?

To understand the English language exactly, just know more about it. 

Learning to speak in English is very difficult. Hardly anyone can do it easily. But why is it happening? 

What makes it so difficult? There is a crowd of so many English Training Institutes. In addition to that, there are ample videos of English lessons & lectures on YouTube. Also there are different learning books by different authors. 

Despite having all these learning systems, most of the people are not confident about speaking in English without any mistakes. It is really a matter of worry. 

In this blog, SureEnglish has tried to clear such an undiscussed issues till now.

These days most of the working people understand the value of speaking in English. They are interested in learning it. For studying it, there are so many classes, books, videos. Despite these available options, still people don't speak English well.  What does it mean? 

There must be unknown shortcomings with these study materials that don't make any learner ready to speak in English.  SureEnglish has removed known shortcomings successfully & presented students speaking in English as  proven Testimonials. 

English Speaking Institute in Fort, Sandhurst Road, Sewri, Parel, Mahim, BKC, Kurla, Bhandup, Nerul, Kalva, Bhiwandi, Kharghar

To solve your unsolved doubt of English language, just get connected with us…

SureEnglish has the most essential skill of making you ready to speak in English from Basic level. 

Those who have tried hard to command over English verbally as well as written by trying different learning methods like training institutes / books / YouTube videos / friends, but failed every time due to the lack of sure guidance.

In such a way those who continuously failed in their every attempt of learning English, now have one more ray of hope in the form of SureEnglish. 

Just get in touch with us. Discuss about your queries with us here. If you find our training systems matching for solving your unsolved queries till now then you may join us and keep on studying as per our direction for better and quicker results.

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Now nothing is so hard like before.

Thanks SureEnglish.

For us English Speaking skills which have been so tough till now. Without which, a good job in high profile companies can not be expected. Now SureEnglish has made this easily accessible.

Now we know most of the English grammar. Our vocabulary also got enhanced.  As a result, our English speaking skills along with reading skills developed better than before.

Here we got good English listening exercises which can not be expected from our family and friends.

Today we impress others by speaking in English. Now it is possible for us to give interviews in English. 

Now we can study easily and improve our academic performance to the great level.

Our enhanced ability to handle everything in English has sorted out most of our problems in life.