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To learn English, Personal Training teaches you better than group training.

Everybody has the knowledge of English, but it is not equal. It depends upon their educational background, family background, friend-circle. Also there are a lot of differences in the knowledge of English among students based on their living location, habit, time gap after they left education, etc.

This English Language Course is unique in India which provides personal training to every student as per their background.

Some students are from city students and some from villages; some students are of 10th std. and some are graduates;  some students are studying at present and some students who left the study before a long time; some students have a good educational background and some students don't have such a background. 

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Along with this, there is one important point of grasping power. Some students have good grasping power and some don't. 

All these differences make every student different from one to another. There is also no standard to measure the level of English knowledge of every student who came to learn English. By keeping all these points in view, SureEnglish is imparting Personal Training to every student to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, inconveniences and misguidance while training.

To be perfect in its work of training, SureEnglish don't teach students in groups. In group training, favorable results can't be expected from students with different backgrounds.  

In group training, the trainer always teaches as per the syllabus of course. But he doesn't  teach by judging the exact learning requirements of each and every student as per their current level of English knowledge. 

Therefore, in group training, there is a very rare chance of getting any student ready to speak in English.

Learning grammar in SureEnglish is always easy, just like child game

Grammar is one of the most important aspects for learning English at every stage of learning. Without Grammar, learning English properly is never possible. 

In this language, grammar is used mostly for sentence building and pronunciation of words. 

This language is not an Indian language. It originated and developed entirely in other countries. Therefore, Indians have no habit of speaking in it by birth like our Indian languages.

Therefore, to learn this unknown and unfamiliar language, we all have to depend upon its rules of grammar. 

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As per SureEnglish, to learn any language easily and properly, its grammar and continuous speaking habits are equally required since the beginning of training.

But about English training, due to the lack of speaking habits, Indian students find it hard to apply grammar rules practically in sentences while speaking in every stage of learning.

SureEnglish is entirely aware of this problem. Hence, as a solution, unlimited sentence formation based on grammar and speaking habits is given here at the same time.

Continuous use of grammar while speaking never lets students forget it a little bit.

On the basis of taught & applied grammars, learning new grammar rules becomes easy. 

Along with this, individual practical tests of grammar are also taken daily to judge the current knowledge level of grammar of every student.

By taking tests like this, no student can forget taught grammar a little bit so easily. 

In such a way, learning  grammar here for a lifetime is easier than ever before.

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Instant English for instant growth in your life

In SureEnglish, we teach you English as early as possible without wasting your precious time. 

If you are above 12th from cities like Mumbai, we will make you ready to speak in English right from the 1st day, 

If you are in 10th or completed school / college from the village, then we will take 15 days more to make your basic word power strong. Because learning to speak in English is not possible without basic word power.

Here most of the sentences are getting done by you only in class. we don’t ask you to make any sentence structure at home. Because we know, you will keep on making mistakes somewhere in grammar or in vocabulary. Without identifying your these mistakes, you will keep on repeating the same mistakes as if there are no any mistakes at all.

Shortcuts of translation spoil your English speaking skill entirely

These days, everybody has the importance of the English language. Being the working language of most of the people, it is hard to stay away from its routine use. Despite this reality, most people use this language by using shortcuts instead of using grammar. 

While speaking, translating sentences from local languages to English is the most popular shortcut. 

Translation can't be said as a shortcut when it is used for translating any script, story, dialog from one language to another in written form. But if it is used just for a short time, while speaking then it must be said as a shortcut. 

Because for speaking properly, anyone needs to have either its speaking habit or a good idea of its grammar. Without it, speaking in English by translating sentences is not the right way of communication. 

This way of translation may rise many hidden problems which cannot be imagined easily.  The practical use of grammar is avoided by continuous use of this shortcut. It makes your grammar weaker day by day.

While speaking by translating sentences in English, it is very difficult to remember specific words or specific grammar rules at specific times. It creates a lot of pressure on the head.

Because of all these reasons, here in SureEnglish, the translation method is omitted entirely from its training system of English.

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Confusion is not allowed a little bit in SureEnglish

Everybody, whether well-educated or not, wants to impress other by speaking in English. In these attempts they mostly speak in broken English. 

But why is broken English spoken repeatedly? 

Despite the easy availability of so many study materials in the market and learning videos on YouTube, why is English not spoken properly as it should be?

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After long study in this regard, SureEnglish has something to explain about its reasons. 

Confusion is the prime cause of broken English. Confusion is created  due to no perfect knowledge of using grammar, words & sentences  exactly as per requirement. 

It means that learning English through its books and videos may put you in confusion as there is no surety about whether its content is right or not.

To avoid any kind of confusion, guidance of its experts is necessary.  A good trainer should be there near you while learning English by yourself  to understand your every doubt & solve it.  No any book or video can do it for you by itself, only teachers can do it in a better way.

There are a lot of differences between clearing doubt individually and in a group of students by a training institute. 

There is no confirmation about getting every doubt cleared of every student in a group. 

But solving it individually make every student confusion-free. To serve this purpose very well, SureEnglish teaches every student personally. Hence, learning English from SureEnglish is always confusion-free.

To avoid misunderstanding & confusion, we teach with extra care.

In SureEnglish, every student is taught the English language very carefully. Because it can't be taught in groups as per syllabus only by reading it's books just like school / college subjects.

There are so many hurdles in learning this language. It can be learnt hardly at home by books, YouTube videos or by friends. 

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The Following are reasons to teach it carefully. 

Reason 1 :  It is foreign language, so it is spoken hardly in Indian families unlike Indian languages. Therefore, a learner of this language doesn't get a listening habit by birth. 

Any language can be spoken easily without grammar just by listening to it continuously.  Housemaids working in convent families speak English better without learning grammar.

About any language, where there is no its speaking environment, there is no its listening habit is developed.

In such a way, there is no English listening habit available in Indian families. If you have a good speaking habit then it will guide you itself while you are studying grammar in a wrong way unknowingly. By this way, in the absence of its speaking habit, learning its grammar just by books may take you in the wrong direction.

Reason 2 :  in any language, its words are spoken as it is. There should not be any difference between words and their pronunciation. But in the English language, nothing happens like this. 

Its many words are not spoken as it is seen. In many words some of its letter are kept silent. Many single words have two different pronunciations. It doesn't happen in the Indian language.

Therefore identifying words of this unknown language just by its appearance without a dictionary is a very difficult task. Hence reading its book without teacher assistance may mislead you at any time.

In such a way, while learning English without a teacher, there are many chances of going in the wrong direction at any time, which leads only to misunderstanding & confusion. All these extend the time required for learning it.

To avoid this misunderstanding & confusion and to give expected results as early as possible, here every student is taught with extra care.