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SureEnglish, English Speaking Course, Spoken English, Training Centre

This Spoken English Class is the easy way to learn English speaking Course that offers a lot of daily Speaking Exercises.

SureEnglish is functioning in the field of imparting General English language training by treating each understudy severally by keeping their educational & family background seeable. Its advanced course prepares understudies by utilizing its distinctive and one of a kind strategy for Personlised Preparing which enhance the standard of vocation. It applys latest innovation in its preparation framework.

This propelled Workshop allows enough practice to each understudy just in class in contrast to different Language Classes for Corporate. We tend to provide fundamental discussion practice to each student on Mobile Chat App supported give-and-take Topics & voice communication Topics not at all like other Eng Discussion Categories. It is last destination for the individuals who have lost their expectations in Adapting Course. It comes with Surety. It is truly safe coaching Centre.

SureEnglish is neither Personality Development Course nor Public Speaking Courses.

We gives the importance to communication skills development during Daily voice communication. It doesn’t conduct IELTS and TOEFL test. We never instruct American Accent & British accent. We don’t offer online Eng Learning Classes. We don’t tend to offer Tutor, home tutor, Private tutor. We never conduct home tuition. SureEnglish, the language institute instructs how to learn Eng easily & how to improve Communication skills.

How to improve English Conversation Practice? How to Speak English fluently?

Is it true that you are confronting learning Eng related issues? Do you feel terrified about way to express words pronunciation? Despite the fact that you are accomplished, you don’t have the foggiest idea, how to draft letter? Taking instructions directly from books without training in Public Speaking Institutes is enormous issue…!

You need to learn to speak Eng, but can’t recognize the best Language School. What to do in such case? Free course doesn’t educate well. It is wastage of time to learn free. To learn online won’t give anticipated outcome.

Due to Eng Word Pronunciation, making Basic Sentences is extreme for beginnners.

There are ton of issues to teach Eng sentence formation and vocabulary. Nobody can figure out how to speak Eng fluently on the idea of discussion exercises from books, group discussion tips, study material including learning video. West Germanic Language Learning by making hindi to eng interpretation is likewise pain-giving. Artificial exercises for fledglings doesn’t permit continuous Speaking Practice. Trainers of Online Classes neglects to clarify for all intents and purposes. Eng Speaking Skills is a lot of necessary for interview queries and answers.

Everyone search simple approach to learn to speak English at home. in any case, it isn’t so natural to communicate flawlessly. Books & videos fail to give full support to enhance the language fluency. Online training centre likewise is unable to instruct well to study online.

Eng Relational abilities are expected to snatch the openings for work

Today, even in Asian countries, no any Indian language is utilized on huge scale for any compelling correspondence reason. For viable introduction, for attending the consumer, for drafting Official letter, for advanced education, for interview largely, West Germanic language is utilized in nowadays. Speaking Eng lessons with appropriate Elocution and Intonation isn’t just required, however Composition with legitimate utilization of Eng spellings is similarly significant today. Sentence structure rules are considered on higher scale while perusing, composing and communicating.

SureEnglish will fulfil your requirement for obtaining prominent position and for scholarly perfection.

This foreign language grants 1st position among all. Each one of the individuals who have no Eng Talking talent may get second seat after you.

For leading winning life nowadays, become familiar with this foriegn Language. It become most significant than some other language in Asian country. Today it is spreading in all aspects of universes. Today learning Eng is more needful than PC courses, higher education, PDAs or bike.

Student has to think about how to plan for an inquiries questions and replies. You have to ponder some books which grant essential communicated in Eng learning exercises for new learners. Everyday Eng talking workout with the assistance of synchronic linguistics book, story will assist you to talk smoothly.

SureEnglish, Spoken English Academy is impeccable Arrangement for Brilliant Future and Profession

Eng Conversation training is provided straightforward by it. To communicate, anyone can learn it based on simple Talking tips. Eng as a Second Language (ESL) is instructed for lifetime with the assistance of Exercises delivered by it.

It is perpetually best than some other Objective Classes? As a result, instructor of English Coaching Center shows well Presentation Skills, methods of communication, toefl speaking topics, Public Speaking, GD topics and so many related exercises. It doesn’t prefer to improve eng online.

Its Fundamental Spoken English Course in hindi language is useful for job interview preparation, Career Development.

For making future brilliant and building profession of your choice, it is excellent solution. Since it trains understudies actually simply like private mentor or fitness coach. Its tips are an excess of helpful to comprehend article, verbs, tense, phrases and vocabulary. It supplys better thought regarding basic grammar, Business letter and Formal letter writing. it is today’s Eng Guru.

Contact SureEnglish to gain control over Eng for lifetime

Visit nearest branch office personally to know more about key features. If you want quality and cost-effective training of this language, We are best for you. Professionals, school and college students & housewives can take its benefits.

SureEnglish’s Franchise Opportunity in all over Mumbai

SureEnglish, the educational institution is spreading in Andheri, Bandra, Borivali, Dahisar, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Juhu, Kandivali, Khar, Malad, Santacruz, Vasai, Virar, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Kanjurmarg, Kurla, Mulund, Powai, Vidyavihar, Vikhroli, Chembur, Govandi, Mankhurd, Vashi, Belapur, Panvel, Trombay, Sion, Byculla, Colaba, Dadar, Fort, Girgaon, Kalbadevi, Kamathipura, Matunga, Parel, Tardeo. It has a plus point of its unique training method which help to make a growth rapidly. It is very popular & reliable brand in learning center.

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Sentence formation Practice only in Class

To reduce mistake while making sentences, all sentence formation practice get done only in class under our supervision, not at home.

Personal Training

We teach student personally. While studying, all doubts of students is getting cleared by us in the beginning..

Learn fast with Ready Knowledge

Students get Grammar, Vocabulary Training, speaking habit and on-the-spot-solution at a time in one place. Hence in short time student learn much more…

Learn English in Hindi

In the beginning, it is taught mostly in Hindi / Marathi language. Hence every student understand every lesson easily.

Learning English doesn’t mean learning to speak in English in public, developing personality, taking lesson of body language, all these come after learning to speak in English.

So many can read, write in English very well, despite this they stammer while speaking in English. Therefore they can’t use this language to the highest level. For this, along with reading writing, speaking and listening English is also more important.

Leaning or teaching to speak in English is not science like Algebra or chemistry. Because it doesn’t get developed only on its grammar based of formula. Along with this its development also needs expression and understanding of message while communication which varies from person to person and place to place.

Foreign Language, Indian languages & Culture

Speak in Eng. on job for progress, but use local language in social life to save Indian Cultures from western lifestyle. Indian language promote Indian culture among Indians. Therefore, to be Indian internally & externally, we should use Indian languages more in our daily practical life.

For new beginners, English is very hard to read, understand than Indian languages. Nobody can easily learn to read, write and speak this foreign language. Because its spelling structure is too much different than its pronunciation.

There are various names for Language Classes like Intensive Course, Conversational Course, Basic Course, Advance Course, Corporate Business Engl. Course. But it is not actually required. Such names may confuse English learner to take decision to join English class

Even though, English is foreign language, it looks like Indian language, because it is used widely after Hindi across all over India. But it is more useful than our Indian languages, it is not healthy for Indian society & it’s culture. Every language carries culture of that region from one generation to another generation. Therefore it doesn’t carry our Indian culture. That’s why it stop our Indian culture from spreading. If it continues like this then our next generation may forget their Indian identity and behave like British or American.

Personality Development Course

Personality Development course has no any direct connection with Eng. Speaking Course. It is not related with training of making accurate sentence formation in less time. In this course, Eng. Lesson like sentence formation on the base of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency can’t be taught.  This course is needed to those only whose personality is not so well in spite of speaking well in Eng. It is simply related with development of physical appearance that will match person with his related corporate world.  So many persons has attractive personality by birth, therefore they don’t need this course at all. These persons only need English Speaking Course to learn to speak English.


To learn sentence formation, grammar and vocabulary is needed more than habit. But developing fluency, daily spoken practice is needed more than Grammar & Vocabulary.  Grammar is needed mostly for formation of new-new sentences. Grammar gives guideline of how to form accurate sentence structures as per its predefined rules. Commonly, most of the people are stammering, because they know they may have made some mistake while forming sentence. Such person has not good base of grammar. That’s why; they feel lack of confidence while speaking English.

There are so many names are given to Grammar, e.g. Advanced Grammar, Basic Grammar, etc. In fact, it is misleading concept of grammar training which creates more and more confusion among students of all categories. Such kind of variety of names given to grammar can be found only in training of English language than any other languages of the world. There is no any kind of need to dividing same grammar of this language in many parts. If Eng. need various types of grammar in such way, than why any other language don’t find such kind of need? It is not logical.

Attracting people by giving different attractive name to same thing is just part of marketing of English classes. Selling course by giving different name as per the need of customer is just way of making business of English language, nothing else.

Public Speaking Course

Eng. Speaking Course and Public Speaking Course are different from each other. For developing public speaking skill, fluent English is needed. But for speaking in English, knowledge of different kinds of sentence formation is required.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion is very dangerous for improving Eng. Speaking Skills. It misleads the English learner as well as it wastes their time also.

Group Discussion may be reason for loosing self-confidence of weak students. In this system, talented students keep on speaking more and more. Therefore less talented student doesn’t get scope to get ahead of other students.

Group Training

On single time, teaching all students with different backgrounds to Speak is nearby impossible by Group Training. In these days, Personal Training is more beneficial than Group Training to learn easily without any confusion.

Training given in group is called general training. General training is for general people. General people consist of all kind of people from different family, different educational background, different location, different age. In such way,  general training is not special training for special  people. If your training is not special as per your learning requirement then how will you get the expected result. It means group training doesn’t give you what you attend lecture everyday without missing it.

Letter Writing Tips

Letter Writing Tips is not imperative tool required to learn Eng. Speaking.  It can be learnt separately direct from its books, CDs or YouTube video. No any class is needed for letter writing practice.

English is most using global business communication language. In business point of view, healthy communication without any error gives good opportunities for newly started and developing business. Therefore most of the English training institute has made the letter drafting topic as an integral part of their English course. But in reality, it is not needed a little bit. To write official letter properly, you need to communicate in English officially. If only judgment of official letter is taught, but due to inability in communicating in English, how anyone can draft entire official letter on his own? It means communicating in official English is required first of all before taking lesson of formal letter drafting.

Fluent English

Training at home only by reading books, newspaper, studying from apps; Listening and enhancing vocabulary without teacher will never make you ready to speak in Eng. fluently.

Speaking English fluently is big expectation among most of the English learner. Everybody from Hindi-Marathi medium want to speak English fluently. But they are not aware of this that for fluency, they need to speak variety of sentences easily as per situation. It means they can speak English but can’t speak fluently. Only for such student, fluency course is needed. Otherwise, those Hindi-Marathi medium students who most rarely speak sentence, can’t expect fluent English in the beginning of course

Job Interview Preparation

Job Interview questions and answers cannot be inseparable part of Eng. Language Classes. Those who are able to speak in English generally can face the interview easily. It is so simple.

English speaking is required to get job with good position in high profile companies. Mostly all kind of interview in big companies is taken in English to find out the candidate’s Excellency in English for good communication with clients to increase business volume. Today Questions and answers in job interview in English play important role in getting dream job. Therefore it’s preparation is also more important. But it doesn’t mean that it is inseparable part of English course. English course can be taught without job interview preparation

Accent Training

Today American Accent or British Accent is prime requirement for Conversational Eng. around the world. Without fluent Eng. Speaking skill, learning American or British Accent directly will never be possible

While speaking in English, its accent plays too much vital role than any other language. It can be spoken in two accents, British & American. Why these two accents are required for effective business communication? As it is native language of Britain, British accent is important. On other hand, today America is world’s most powerful economy. American dollar is currency for international business transaction. That’s why; most of the world business house has to be connected with American. Hence American accent also has importance for easy international business activity.

Online Training

Online Eng. Learning Course is not reliable & result-oriented just like training in classroom. There are so many problems ranging from misleading spelling structure, critical grammar rules while learning English online.

Online training of English language is not possible at all. For training of any language, grammar of that language is not only needed. Beyond that accent, fluency of speaking that language is also needed to check while giving training. While training in class it can be done easily by face to face communication between trainer and student. In class, trainer and student become comfortable with each other. Therefore both of them can easily find out what each other want to say. Hence student can easily understand topic taught by trainer & in the same way trainer also can find out mistake made by students.

But nothing of these is possible in online training. Hence no any online training is complete by itself. There are lots of chance of mistakes and misunderstanding between trainers and students while training

Language Training Institute

Eng. words with different Pronunciation from its spellings create confusions while learning it in the beginning. Training Institute should teach students as per their grasping power & educational background

Training of Languages like Spanish, french given by any institute should be given in most specific way. For some students it is new and for some it is well-known. Therefore teaching them equally with same syllabus and same pattern is not result oriented. While giving training of language, every training institute should think about the learning capacity, grasping power, memory power, educational background and family background of every student

Testimonials of our well-tried & tested Course

Effective Communication skills which is requirement of every growing establishment to enhance the workablity & productivity among its staff.  Speaking effectively is skills that can take you to greater height in every sphere of life. This Academy make you ready with this language for communication that will help you to bring your dream into existence.

We are committed to give our students ensured results along with the Personal Training which is newly launched by us in the sector of Language Training.  It has proved itself by our these testimonials & reviews that it is just like a ladder for those who wish to move up & up in their life. These testimonials has shown that the it is the rays of hopes for those who still find it difficult to pronounce words correctly & all the time struggle with this language on every steps. These testimonials is just like remedy for those who are frustrated in their life due to continuous fallure in their attempt of becoming different among all.

We focus mostly on certain aspects like grammar, vocabulary, diction, sentence framing, fluency, presentations and email drafting.